Kay & Kevin Howell

                                                                                                                                                                                 Kay & Kevin Howell

Kay and I have been farmers all of our married life raising 2 children Grant and Tanya. I am a 3rd generation farmer and have always had a keen interest in working dogs and started a Kelpie Stud in 1987.

Since semi retiring we have concentrated more on the Kelpie Stud as this is what I wish to do in my retirement.

Kay plays a big part in caring for the pups and feeding the older dogs when I am away from home and knows as much as I do as far as pups available are concerned. Kay organizes all the transport arrangements for interstate as well as for export.

We are both very proud of our dogs and feel they are part of the family. I believe that dogs are truly mans best friend and they have my greatest respect.

Our aim is to try to improve the already great breed of dog the Working Kelpie, and make these dogs available to those who wish to enjoy working with a quality dog.

We both enjoy travelling to trials and training clinics meeting friends and making new ones.

The most important thing that a breeder must do is breed for natural working ability. Trailing is a way of comparing your dogs with other breeder’s dogs to make sure that you are breeding the best there is.  It is also a way of keeping your eye open for that special dog that you might like to use as a Sire in your stud for an outcross dog which we all must do to avoid breeding too closely.

I feel it is important to compete in all different types of trials to be sure that you are breeding a truly all round dog which most farmers are looking for. If a dog can successfully compete in all types of trials and then come home and work in the hills and yards and sheds as ours do, I feel they must be the type of dog everyone is looking for.