Karana Tom V : 57692 Born 14/6/2012 Karana Abba II X Karana Misty.

Tom is a very keen young dog easy to handle & has all round ability.

He has just started trialing in 2013 & is showing that he will develop into a good competition dog as well as a very practical farm dog.

As Tom has got older he has become harder to control on the trial ground, He is still good at home but at Trials he gets excited & is inclined to overwork & create his own problems he needs more work at home.

26th August 2016 Tom Won the Novice 3 sheep Trial at Wentworth.

10th April 2015 Tom Won the Novice class at the Australian Yard Dog Championship at Ross in Tasmania.

8th March 2015 Tom came 4th in the Novice Yard Trial at the Monaro Championship at Dalgety

8th February 2015 Tom came 2nd in the Novice at the N S WYard Dog Championship at Jindabyne

25th January 2015 Tom came 2nd in the Novice Yard Trial at the Taralga Yard Dog Championship

20 September 2014 Tom Won the Novice Farmers Trial at Moriac in Victoria it included a 150 Metre Cast one obstacle out in the arena & a yard trial all in one trial.

9th August 2014 Tom came 2nd in a Maiden Yard Dog Trial at West Wyalong.

30th August 2014 Tom came second in a Novice Yard Trial at Wentworth.