Kevin was awarded N S W Handler of the year for 2014 at the Annual meeting & has Won it again for 2015 & won it again in 2016.

We have been a bit slack with adding news items so I will now add some news for the beginning of 2018. After retiring Abba II during 2017 we have missed his outstanding ability when it comes to competing in trials. His son Tige II has stepped up for the beginning of 2018 by Winning 2 Open yard trials in 2 days.

Saturday 17th February Tige won the Open Yard Trial at Gundagai & next day he won the Open Yard Trial at Gunning

Kevin was given the honour of being granted Life Membership of the NSW Yard Dog Assn at the Annual meeting 2016.

We have attended 8 trials so far this year 2016 & Won the open in the first 5 in a row & then 2nd & 4th in the 6th one.Abba won 4 of them & Rambo won the other one & Ripper coming 2nd in the 6th trial attended.Since then we have attended 2 more trials with Abba winning both of them, we came 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th in the 7th trial & First & 4th in the 8th trial attended this year.

Posted on August 27, 2015 .

Trip to Taralga for the Ultimate Stock Dog Challenge

22nd 23rd & 24th May 2015 we competed in the USD Trial at Taralga where we had to do a yard trial & a 3 sheep trial & a cattle trial & then all scored were added up for the eventual winner over all.We could only enter 2 dogs.We came 2nd with Abba 80 in the 3 sheep 92 in the cattle & 94 in the yard & equal 3rd with Tige 72 in the 3 sheep 90 in the yard & 97 in the cattle the other dog 3rd was another Karana dog Karana Jed worked by Greg Walton so we had 3 out of the top 4 were Karana Dogs & another Karana Dog Karana Max also worked by Greg Walton came 8th so we had 4 out of the top 8 were Karana Dogs.A very satisfying result for the Karana Kelpie Stud.

Posted on May 27, 2015 .

Tasmanian Trip to compete in the Australian Yard Dog & the National Kelpie Utility Championship.2015

We had a very successful trip with a 3rd in the Maiden Yard & a Win in the Novice Yard & a 7th place in the Australian Yard held at Ross. We then moved on to the National Kelpie trial held on a big sheep station "Connorville" at Cressy where they run 20,000 sheep. We had great success there with a Win in the National with Karana Ripper II & close 2 points away 2nd with Karana Abba II who was 10 points ahead of 3rd placed dog. This latest win & 2nd placing gives us 9 wins & 10 2nd placings in the National Kelpie Utility Championship. We really enjoyed our time in Tasmania it is a really beautiful place to visit with amazing scenery. We also spent some time staying with our good friends Peter & Lyn Allen.


We attended our first trial for 2015 at Taralga area Championship Yard Trial on the 25th January 2015 & we started the year off well with Young Karana Tom coming 2nd in the Novice & Karana Abba II & Karana Rambo coming equal First in the Open Yard Dog Championship.

On the 24th & 25th of January 2015 we went to Jindabyne for the NSW Yard Dog Championship & Abba II came 3rd in the Championship & Tom came 2nd in the Novice

On the 21st February 2015 Abba II Won the Open Yard Dog Championship at Gundagai

On the 22nd February 2015 Abba II Won the Open Yard Dog Trial at Gunning & Tige II came equal 2nd

On the 1st March 2015 Tige II came 2nd in the ACT Open Yard Dog Championship at Canberra Royal Show

On the 7th of March 2015 Rambo Won the Open Yard Dog & Abba II came 3rd at Boorowa show Trial

On the 8th of March 2015 at Dalgety Tige II Won the Open Yard Dog Championship with Rambo coming equal 2nd & Abba II 5th & Grizzly 2nd in the Maiden & Tom 4th in the Novice

On the 14th March 2015 at the Yass Show Tige II Won the Open Yard Dog Championship & Abba II came 4th & Mate Won the Maiden & Grizzly 2nd, Grizzly also came 3rd in the Novice.



Morongla Yard Trial 6th October 2014

A big thank you to Julie and Mark Keegan and helpers yesterday at Morongla Yard Trial .
Results of Open .
1st . Kevin Howell .Karana .Rambo .94,+96+98 .Run off for first with Michael Johnston and Locky 
2nd .Michael Johnston .Locky .95+95+ 76
3rd & 4th .Neil Lynch.
Judge . Dave .Whittby

Posted on October 7, 2014 .

Boorowa Irish Festival Championships

Results of Championship yard dog trial held at Boorowa Irish Fest yesterday . Congratulations to Nathan Cayfe and his band of workers for a great trial . Well done . 1 st . Alan Rutter . Hammer.95+96=191. 2nd . Kevin Howell . Karana Abba 96+93=189. 3 rd. Ashley Corkhill.Toby. 93+90=183. 4th . Peter Darmody. Butch. 94+85=179. 5 th . Kevin Howell. Karana Rambo 97+71=168 

Results of Novice Yard trial at Boorowa Irish Fest yesterday. . 1 st . Ben Johnston Boss . 95,94 =189 .2nd . Nikki Hunt . Quad. 95+89=184. 3rd. Shane Maurer. Hoova 94+89=183. U/P. Greg Walton . Karana Max .94+73=167.

Posted on October 7, 2014 .

2014 Eugowra Show

The Eugowra Yard Trial went off very well yesterday ,beautiful weather ,sheep were a bit challenging and the new platform proved to be a challenge for everyone .
We run 86 dogs including finals and finished the last dog just as the sun was setting .very full day Thank you everyone for attending hope to see you all at our Utility Trial in May 2015
Trial Results.
Encourage .1st. Peter Rutherford. Gilbert. 83
2nd. Carl Rogge. Scout.73
3rd. Peter Rutherford. Jackie.71
Novice.1st. Bec Martin.Lucy. 93 +94 =187
2nd Greg Walton .Karana Max.94+92=186
3rd.Nathan Cayfe. Bob. 91+93 =184
4th. Julie Keegan. Keegans Mayhem. 90 +91 =181 
U/P Emelia Walton Tilly 91+ 84 =175
Open. 1st. Chris Edmunds. Bear . 91+96 =187
2nd .Michael Ryan .Kamileroy Reef. 88+94 =182
equal 3rd.Kevin Howell Karana Abba 91+88=179
Greg Walton Karana Jed. 87+92 =179
U/P Kevin Howell Karana Sami 88+80=168

Posted on September 28, 2014 .