2014 Eugowra Show

The Eugowra Yard Trial went off very well yesterday ,beautiful weather ,sheep were a bit challenging and the new platform proved to be a challenge for everyone .
We run 86 dogs including finals and finished the last dog just as the sun was setting .very full day Thank you everyone for attending hope to see you all at our Utility Trial in May 2015
Trial Results.
Encourage .1st. Peter Rutherford. Gilbert. 83
2nd. Carl Rogge. Scout.73
3rd. Peter Rutherford. Jackie.71
Novice.1st. Bec Martin.Lucy. 93 +94 =187
2nd Greg Walton .Karana Max.94+92=186
3rd.Nathan Cayfe. Bob. 91+93 =184
4th. Julie Keegan. Keegans Mayhem. 90 +91 =181 
U/P Emelia Walton Tilly 91+ 84 =175
Open. 1st. Chris Edmunds. Bear . 91+96 =187
2nd .Michael Ryan .Kamileroy Reef. 88+94 =182
equal 3rd.Kevin Howell Karana Abba 91+88=179
Greg Walton Karana Jed. 87+92 =179
U/P Kevin Howell Karana Sami 88+80=168

Posted on September 28, 2014 .