Karrawarra Penny :- A3F - 15913 X Karana Tige II :- 48299

Litter Due :- 25 /5 / 2017

Karrawarra Penny II : Sire :- Karana Digger II ( Milburn Basil x U D Scarlett )

                                         Dam :- Karrawarra Mallee ( Karrawarra Roy IV ) X Bellerock Anna )

Karrawarra Penny is owned by Phil Dunford of Parkes who owns a large mixed farm with sheep & cattle & Phil also has a big property out at Brewarrina where he runs all cattle as well as mustering feral goats & Penny has been his main dog for all of his stock work,she is not only a great mustering dog with strength to handle cattle she is also a great shed & truck dog, The type of dog we are all looking for.  We have bred from Penny in the past using Tige's Sire Karana Abba II & the pups were outstanding.Penny is a big framed bitch that will throw big framed dog progeny with Tige over her as he is a big athletic strong dog with all round ability.

Karana Tige II : Sire : Karana Abba II ( Boanong Buster x Karana Zap II )

Karana Tige II is a great all round dog with a great desire to work & has no fear of any livestock,he won the cattle section of the USD in 2015 & just recently came 2nd in the National Kelpie Utility Championship at Alexandra in Victoria on very difficult sheep. Tige has Won a number of Championship Yard Trials. He is a real work dog at home capable of doing any task that he is given.

This mating brings together some of the best breeding of National Champions along with some of the great old bloodlines of the Karrawarra Stud.

There are 3 pups ordered from this litter so far.

Posted on March 23, 2017 .

Karana Star 62381 x Karana Abba II 48312

We have struck a major problem that we are going to have to overcome we have had 3 bitches who only gave birth  to one live pup & one bitch only had 2 dead pups & one bitch had 5 pups & 2 of those died. We are working with our vets to try to sort out what the problem is but until then we are going to be way behind with our orders.I will be ringing all of those people who have had pups ordered. Until we are able to catch up on our back orders we will not be able to take any new orders.

Unfortunately Star only gave birth to 2 dead pups

Karana Star :- Sire: Jendara Boss II ( Marabou Jimmy ) x (JendaraJaz)

                           Dam : Karana Alice ( Boanong Buster ) x ( Karana Bonnie IV )

Star is a young bitch on her first mating she is keen to work with all round ability.Being joined to Abba I am very confident we will get great results as there is enough common blood in this mating to get consistency in the pups. And we have joined a half sister of Star's to Abba & the pups were very keen with nice style & enough free movement to get the work done without overworking & easy to control.

Karana Abba II :- Sire : Boanong Buster (Milburn Basil x Coleslea Sandy )

                                  Dam : Karana Zap ( Karana Scud x Karana Vicki )

Abba II Needs no introduction he is well known for his Trialing ability & is a great work dog at home,For a list of his achievements go to the Achievements section on this web site.

This mating is continuing along the lines that we have established over the years to produce good practical all round dogs. There are 3 pups ordered so far from this litter.

Posted on March 23, 2017 .

Litter Born -: 15/2/2017 Karana Amba 62364 x Karana Rambo 48299

2 Black & Tan Males3 Black & Tan Females, These pups are all sold.

Karana Amba -: Karana Abba II X Karana Misty

Karana Rambo -: Karana Digger II X Karana Sami

Amba is a great natured young bitch on her first litter, She is full of work & has the best breeding possible, Joined to Rambo we expect great results.

Rambo's performance can be seen on this web site under ACHIEVEMENTS.

Posted on December 15, 2016 .

Litter Born :- 14/1/2017 Karana Beck x Milburn Wally III 60385

2 Black & Tan Females.  There were 3 other pups but unfortunately we lost those 3. These 2 surviving pups are sold.

Karana Beck :- Sire :- Karana Abba II 48312 ( Boanong Buster x Karana Zap II )

                           Dam :- Karana Daisey III 49987( Karana Digger II x Karana Sami )

Milburn Wally III :- Sire :- Barclays Boss  52129( Midgbar Moss )  x Barclays Meg )

                                  Dam :- Milburn Storm 55615( Boanong Buster x Milburn Twiggy )

KARANA BECK. She has inherited all of Abba's get up & go, she is only very young & this is her first mating, she has a very friendly nature,good work in the paddock with natural distance but free moving with it & a free bark & free backing in the yard. I have chosen Milburn Wally to put over her because of his good all round ability & because of the common blood in the bottom half of his pedigree. This breeding includes many of the best kelpies that have ever been bred close up in the pedigree.

MILBURN WALLY. A very good young dog with true all round station working ability & has already established himself as Michael Johnston's go to dog when mustering with a nice natural cast, Driving big mobs sheep or cattle. He is a forceful free backing yard dog with a big bark when asked doing drafting in the yards or filling the shed or truck.

Wally is also performing well in the yard trials having won 2 novice trials & progressed to the open having placed in finals already & he is not 3 years old yet.

These pups will be true all round work dogs with enough class to trial for those that like to do that for sport. I have no hesitation in recommending these pups.

There are 6 pups ordered for this litter & for a first mating I don't expect her to have any more than that.

Posted on November 13, 2016 .

Litter Born 11/1/2017 Karana Alice 53913 x Milburn Wally III 60385

4 Black & Tan Males & 2 Red & Tan Females. All of these pups are sold.

Karana Alice :- Sire :- Boanong Buster 39061 ( Milburn Basil x Coleslea Sandy )                               

                             Dam :- Karana Bonnie IV 41635 (Karana Seiko x Karana Jedda IV )

Milburn Wally III :- Sire :- Barclays Boss 52129 ( Midgbar Moss ) x ( Barclays Meg )

                                 Dam :-  Milburn Storm 55615 ( Boanong Buster ) x ( Milburn Twiggy )


Alice is a nice natured bitch with natural all round ability paddock & yard & is proving to be a very good brood bitch.This is a new mating to Milburn Wally III who is a true all round practical station dog,he is not 3 years old yet but already is Michael Johnston's main go to dog working on sheep & cattle on big mobs & has a good cast,drives well on any number & very forceful yard,shed & truck dog.He is only a young dog & has already performed well in Yard Dog competitions having Won 2 novice trials & now competing well in open competitions reaching finals.

I expect this mating to go well with some common blood in the pedigree & a background of outstanding dogs back through the pedigree.


Posted on November 13, 2016 .

Litter Born :- 9/5/2017 Sarah only had 3 live pups

Sire :Karana Rambo Reg 48299    Grand Sire  : Karana Digger II   x Grand Dam:   Karana Sami

Dam :Karana Sarah   Reg 61667  Grand Sire : Karana Abba II   x Grand Dam:  Karana Misty

Rambo is a great all round dog he has everything anyone would want,big cast, Handles big mobs with ease & backs & barks in the yards & handles a few in the open with caution & steady strong work. He has an amazing kind temperament. You can see his performance record on this web site.

Sarah is also a good all round dog only very young yet but has amazing footwork like her Sire Abba.She is very keen to work will back & bark on command & has a nice cast for a young bitch, she will get wider as she gets older.Sarah also has a great friendly temperament & responds well to commands.

This is a repeat mating I kept a male from the last litter & at 6 months of age he is showing all round ability.

This combination will produce good all round work dogs.

These are 4 pups ordered from this litter so far.

Posted on November 7, 2016 .

Karana Biddy IV X Karana Tige II

Litter Born :- 4 / 5 / 2017 Unfortunately Biddy only had one pup

Bitch :    Karana Biddy IV ( 59772 )  ( Karana Abba II x Karana Daisey III )
Sire: Karana Tige II ( 53941 )   (Karana Abba II x Karana Sami )

Tige II is a big strong athletic dog with a great cast & fearless in the yards he has won Cattle trials,3 sheep trials,yard trials & utility trials.He is a real workaholic. This is a close mating with both sire & dam being by Abba II & out of 2 different bitches.This mating is expected to produce athletic good all round Utility type dogs.

I have no hesitation in recommending these pups for any situation

There are 6 pups ordered from this litter.

Posted on October 4, 2016 .

Karana Misty x Karana Abba II

Litter Born :- 4 /5/ 2017  Unfortunately Misty only had one pup.

Misty may never breed again.

Misty is one of our current best brood bitches. When joined to Abba II she consistently produces quality pups with great natures & all round ability. Karana "Jed" of Greg Waltons the current NSW Utility Champion is one of her pups.

Bitch :    Karana Misty (52354) (Karana Digger II X Karana Sami)
Sire : Karana Abba II   (Boanong Buster X Karana Zap II)

Posted on October 4, 2016 .

Abba II X Daisey II Litter Born 3/12/2016

Daisey only had 1 surviving pup she is old & may never breed again.

Dam : Karana Daisey III 49987 (Karana Digger II x Karana Sami)

Sire:Karana Abba II 48312 (Boanong Buster x Karana ZapII) 

 Daisey is one of our best brood bitches & breeds consistently to Abba

This litter is booked out.

Posted on October 4, 2016 .

Litter Born :- 31/4/2017 Unfortunately Grace only had one pup.


Dam: Karana Grace A3F-25697( Jendara Boss II ) x ( Karana Daisey III )

Sire: Karana Abba II 48312   ( Karana Zap II x Boanong Buster )


Grace is a keen active athletic worker with little or no eye with back & bark & a great friendly nature. This mating has produced great all round farmer type of dogs with natural ability & with Abba as the sire the pups from the last mating showed nice style with free movement & started working at 3 months old, Will suit Trialing as well as station work with Abba's class in the pups.

There are 6 pups ordered in this litter

Posted on October 4, 2016 .