Litter Born :- 9/5/2017 Sarah only had 3 live pups

Sire :Karana Rambo Reg 48299    Grand Sire  : Karana Digger II   x Grand Dam:   Karana Sami

Dam :Karana Sarah   Reg 61667  Grand Sire : Karana Abba II   x Grand Dam:  Karana Misty

Rambo is a great all round dog he has everything anyone would want,big cast, Handles big mobs with ease & backs & barks in the yards & handles a few in the open with caution & steady strong work. He has an amazing kind temperament. You can see his performance record on this web site.

Sarah is also a good all round dog only very young yet but has amazing footwork like her Sire Abba.She is very keen to work will back & bark on command & has a nice cast for a young bitch, she will get wider as she gets older.Sarah also has a great friendly temperament & responds well to commands.

This is a repeat mating I kept a male from the last litter & at 6 months of age he is showing all round ability.

This combination will produce good all round work dogs.

These are 4 pups ordered from this litter so far.

Posted on November 7, 2016 .